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Out now!

"Interference" is the first solo release by Arizona-based composer, percussionist, noise artist, and curator Owen Davis on Lurker Bias, Chicago, IL.


"Interference occupies liminal spaces, rapidly navigating distances between clarity and obfuscation, violence and playfulness, disruption and reflection. Owen Davis’s dense electronic landscapes and rowdy drum gestures seem to unfold at the dynamic intersections of these three (Owen, Electronics, Drums), an energetic and convulsing assemblage. The album pivots in Slime Fence A and B, where the boundary between drums and electronics becomes profoundly blurred; the assemblage seems to briefly coalesce, ultimately rending yet again in a forceful drum interjection (Insistent). Past the slime fences, as the album’s large scale symmetry begins to take shape, there is a feeling of passage. Having gone deep into the energies of Owen’s interference, we as listeners, like the album itself, are invited to reflect. What forces might this noise unleash into the world? And how might these sounds, in our ears and minds, open the gates for interference beyond themselves?" -Nick Meryhew


Release Date: June 21,2019

Percussion & Electronics: Owen Davis 
Album Art: Eugene Brosseau 
Recording & Mastering Engineer: David James
Recorded at: Mudshark Recording Studio 

Flagstaff, AZ - May 18th, 2018

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